Everywhere in the world, Themys brings you the best

With more than 20 years of experience in maritime market, Themys is offering high competency in design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complex communication and navigation solutions. We are specialized in complete integrated systems like :

– Integrated Navigation and Automation brigde system
– Radio Communication and GMDSS package
– Satellite Communication
– IP TV system
– VHF / UHF network

and we adapt standard COTS equipments to our customer’s requirement.

Themys is a specialized integrating company, able to manage complete project, as new building or refit, and can be your main partner in global management. All our activities, including training courses, are covered by insurance quality ISO9001 BVQI.

Our team

With a team of 22 people, having long experience in maritime activity, we have complete internal knowledge of all key process needed for project management. Our engineers and technicians are trained in factory to get the latest and best knowledge on products evolution, and on service evaluation. Then we are in a better position to bring high quality service, reducing time for diagnostic, and on board repair. For project like new building or refit, we have a very good visibility on complete solution we should offer, having a good understanding of manufacturer system philosophy. We are always adapted our level to customers wishes in order to remain, over the years, their main partner.

We have selected our suppliers on very strong criterias. They are all international manufacturers and have a world network. We put high attention on quality and long life products as for spare parts availability. Our customers need long term service after installation, and we are always trying to be the best service company regards to all these topics. We maintain high equipment and spare part stock, and even after end of product life, we are still able to repair old equipments. Our strong knowledge of our equipments let us able to adapt COTS equipments to special application, like OFFSHORE or MILITARY project, for which we are today a key player.

Our products portfolio