New building

The shipyard and new building activity is today an important part of Maritime industry. New project are more and more complex, and regulation is always changing. We are bringing to shipyard and shipowners our know-how in this market, considering full project picture : Shipyard constraints for NB, and shipowner wishes for system features and installation quality. As a service company, we also focuse on technical installation details, to assume later service on equipments would be possible in best conditions. Our specialized New Building team is able to manage all projects aspects, and can be the sole representative for complete integrated solutions.

Off shore

Offshore market is very active. The most important offshore companies are working with Themys. Because Communication and security systems are critical, selection of system supplier is a key issue. With a long experience in this field, and adapted products, we become over the years one of the leading supplier for communicaton, and security systems. We participate to system design with customers, we realize complete engineering documentation, and qualification process. Our technical team is also taking care of installation, and on site services. On customer’s requirement, we can also organize operator training.

Merchant Fleet

Shipowners need specialized company for sales, installation, and maintenance of maritime equipments. Prices are always important, but product quality and performances are more sensitive. Because vessels cannot sail without operational system, equipement reliability and spare parts availability are critical issue. We are one of the most important service station for brands we are representing. We have trained technicians, and a very important spare part stock. To reach this target, we have during the last years, reduced our suppliers list, to focuse on most important ones, and improve our efficiency.


Yachting market is a professional one. Owners and captain are very updated on new technology, and wants the best solution, all the time. We are bringing to them our competency in NB market and shipyard. Our new generation of IP solution (like SAILOR 6000 or PLATINUM), is meeting their expectations for design and system architecture. And as a Service Station, we will manage after sales services everywhere the yacht will sail.


Themys has a dedicated team for export. We are dealing with several companies in North Africa, Middle-East, and Asia. Our sales people is considering local needed to adapt our offers to our foreign customers. This is an important part of the job to understand export requirements and have internal process accordingly. We have a very important equipments stock to deliver in short notice, and we can dispatch goods in any part of the world within few days.


As a complete integrator company, we are considering all steps necessary for project management and studies. We can produce all engineering documentation as general arrangement drawing, equipement file (architecture, physical and electrical data, description, Part-Number, etc), installation constraints, cable file…We can also produce qualification documentation for FAT, HAT , SAT. Engineer working on documentation are also involved in installation, and after sales, to have a complete overview of our product, and maritime environment. Studies are not only “theorical’ but also based on technical experience.