Military activities

Military market need high sens of reponsability and high quality of work. Our investment in the past years, helps us to become one of the leading supplier for several important military project : OPV L’ADROIT, FREMM, BARRACUDA, BPC, GOWIND, SCORPENE…Our aim is to supply COTS equipment, adapted to military requirements from operator. This needs skills engineers, and a long, deep knowledge of our equipments.

Our main suppliers and partners are also supporting us, bringing on the market new technology, and new features :

– SAM MULTIPILOT PLATINUM -N (with navy function) is one of this new step, adding on IMO multifunction system (Radar+Ecdis) several very interested military features.

We are also producing our own range of product, like signal interface, radio silence box, intercom control unit and loudspeaker for submarine….