Study and Design

We realize all studies required for system design, considering carefully the customer’s specifications. A complete analysis of end user requirements and expections should be done. Then, a global package should be offer, based on COTS equipment, or specificaly designed for such project. Our aim is to supply the best solution, using the latest technology available on the market, but always considering operator needs as a priority.The Critical Detailed Review is the conclusion of this process.


We will supply all necessary documentation for installation of our equipments on board by shipyard, or main contractor. Our technical documentation will include equipment PBS (Product Breakdown Structure), installation constraints, general arrangement drawings and interconnection drawings. On special request, we can adapt our documentation to our customer’s requirements.


The qualification process is a critical step, and will conclude all above works. The qualification job can be realize at different step of the project, depending of specification requirements (FAT, HAT, SAT).
FAT will check system conformity to the customer’s specification on our platform (or main contractor’s platform).
HAT will check system conformity to the customer’s specification on board, considering complete installation, and other integrated systems.
SAT will check satisfactory system integration of all sensors or peripherals at sea, and will consider all features we cannot check during HAT.

Training course

To assist our customers and/or operators to use and maintain our equipement in the best way, we offer complete training courses. Our engineers have been trained by factory on equipements we are supplying, and so we are in an appropriate position to delegate a part of our knowledge to our students. We are able to do such training in our premise, or on board, depending of the system configuration, and customer’s requirements for training.