BNWAS Platinum

BNWAS Platinum is a full featured Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System as required by IMO Carriage requirements. The BNWAS Platinum can be installed on both new vessels and existing vessels by simple installation procedures, and is suitable for vessels of any size.


– Main Alarm Panel with dimming
– Accommodation Alarm Panels
– Assist call facility
– Motion sensors
– Reset Pushbuttons
– Activate Switch (with optional key lock)
– Remote Activate/Control from Captain’s Cabin
– Reset timer Inputs from Radar etc.
– Force Activate by Steering Gear / Trackpilot etc.
– Flexible interfaces and IO amount
– User-friendly
– Easy installation
– Stand-alone or Integrated into NACOS Platinum

BNWAS Platinum complies with the performance standard « IEC 62616 Ed.1: Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – Bridge navigational watch alarm system(BNWAS) » and MSC.128(75).