Multipilot Platinum

<p>The SAM MULTIPILOT Platinum underlies such flexibility through the integration of radar, ECDIS, conning and even automation in one compact workstation.</p>
<p>Functional Package “MULTIPILOT”</p>
<p>- Combined IP Radar / ECDIS</p>
<p>- High resolution wide screen displays</p>
<p>- Built-in radar interswitch</p>
<p>- Tracking of up to 100 Radar and 1000 AIS targets</p>
<p>- Automatic clutter suppression</p>
<p>- Enhanced small target detection</p>
<p>- Chart data bases</p>
<p>* ENC S57/S63</p>
<p>* Admiralty AVCS/ARCS</p>
<p>* C-Map CM93-3</p>
<p>- Chart maintenance based on real-time update</p>
<p>- 5 different brightness settings for day and night</p>
<p>- Favourite user settings</p>
<p>- Man overboard button</p>
<p>- S-Mode</p>
<p>- Advanced route and chedule planning</p>
<p>- eparate ECDIS layer for User (Mariners Notes)</p>
<p>- Type approved as MKD for AIS 3410</p>
<p>- Integrated VDR display and operation of VDR 4350</p>
<p>- Easy to operate either by trackball or functional radar keyboard</p>
<p>- Online operators manual and user help function</p>
<p>Functional Package “Advanced MULTIPILOT”</p>
<p>Upgrade your MULTIPILOT with additional functionality via a simple software licence. A fast trouble-free procedure adapts your system to specific needs and highly advanced features.</p>
<p>- All “MULTIPILOT“ features</p>
<p>- On screen NAVTEX updates</p>
<p>- Tides and current information</p>
<p>- Remote maintenance function</p>
<p>- Integrated conning page</p>
<p>- Output for conning display</p>
<p>Functional Package “Automation”</p>
<p>Upgrade your MULTIPILOT on specific demands and benefit from a variety of functions never seen before such as ECDIS in combinnation with Automation application.</p>
<p>- All “Advanced MULTIPILOT“ features</p>
<p>- Display and control of SAM Automation</p>


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