Navitron NT920

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Comprehensively equipped and simple to operate via a clearly marked rotary Course Selector, the NT920 autopilot provides safe and reliable steering performance for a wide range of smaller commercial duty vessels up to typically 20 metres (65ft) in length. As supplied, the NT920 Control Unit is suitable for panel or foot bracket mounting and is immediately compatible with a supply voltage range of 11-40Vdc.
Heading data is derived from a Navitron
Heading Sensor Coil(HSC) attached above or below the vessel’s conventional magnetic compass which should be a good quality externally gymballed device.
A straightforward yet fully intelligent Autopilot solution ideally suited to magnetically steered vessels from approximately 10 – 20m (30 – 65ft).
Typical Applications: Workboats, Fishing Vessels and Patrol Craft.