Navitron NT991G

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Purpose designed by Navitron Systems Limited for professionally operated ocean going commercial vessels of all types from typically 1800 to 20,000 gross registered tonnes, the Navitron NT991G is a powerfully equipped and technologically advanced Autopilot which is ‘Wheelmarked’ in accordance with MED 96/98/EC and Fully Type Approved to latest IMO and ISO specifications.

Standard Features :
– Full P.I.D Intelligence
– Servo driven Heading Repeater (Standby mode)
– Dual Course Setting and Steer on Lock on facility
– Full Automatic Permanent Helm (Automatic Trim)
– Heading, Rudder angle and ROT data displays
– Programmable Rate of Turn
– Automatic Rudder stabilisation compatible with dual speed steering systems
– Operator variable control panel illumination
– 11-40Vdc Power Supply compatibility
– Solid State Output stages (11-40Vdc / 5A Max).