We are pleased to inform you that we are now launching the new SAILOR VSAT antenna. As announced earlier, SAILOR 800 VSAT is a high-performance Ku-band antenna system with an 83cm reflector dish and standardised RF components for repeatable performance and global serviceability. At 83cm, SAILOR 800 VSAT actually competes against 1m VSAT antennas, offering significant benefits by being lighter and more compact than the competition.


As with other SAILOR satcom systems, we are focussing on the ultimate RF performance expressed in G/T, which in the case of SAILOR 800 VSAT is 18.2 dB/K; higher than every other sub-1m out there, and as good as other 1m antenna systems.

This has already been verified by Eutelsat and other VSAT operators.

Eutelsat said: “SAILOR 800 offers the best performance for an 80cm maritime antenna.”

Higher performance is achieved through advanced RF design, which includes optimised operation of BUC, LNBs, OMT, diplexer, cables, connectors and high quality of radome lamination. SAILOR 800 VSAT has everything it needs to operate globally, also with extended frequencies.


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