Trackpilot Platinum

SAM successfully combines decades of experience in heading and track control with the benefits of modern platform technologies and innovative user centred design. The result provides the navigator with a reliable Co-Pilot for the most demanding of navigational situation.

Functional Package

“Heading Control”

– Heading Mode according to Heading Control Standard

– Intuitive and easy to operate remotely from RADARPILOT/ECDISPILOT/MULTIPILOT (joystick control)

– Radius Control with display of Curved Heading Line

– Visualisation at Conning Display and Radar/ECDIS

– Use of adaptive algorithms based on internal ship’s model

– Manual adaptation to the current loading state

– Suitable for a wide range of ship types from 50m upwards

– Operates with various rudder/propulsion types

– Adjustable from precise to tolerant control (economy)

– Consistent alarm management within all subsystems of Platinum series

– Online operators manual and user help function

Functional Package

“Track Control”

– All “Heading Control“ features

– Course Mode(compensation of drift)

– Track Mode according to IMO/IEC Track Control Standard Category C

– Remote maintenance function

– Optional speed control

– Optional anchor control