In the beginning of 90′, Themys was one the major actor in the GMDSS market. To be the leader, Themys was also the first GMDSS training center, for radio operator, and surveyor.

To improve our offer to our customer, and be involved in more complex project, we decided to become an “integrator” partner. The success of this new step was depending a lot on our capacity to consider the complete project process, including design, engineering, production, installation, commissioning and training.

Then we became able to supply complete communication and navigation system. Later on, our customer asked us to supply also TV on board, security system…and so more

With an impressive list of reference, we are now involves as a key supplier/integrator on most important projects like :

  • RCCL and MSC Cruise vessel (STX)
  • USAN, MOHO, KAOMBO in Oil and Gas market
  • FREMM frigates, Barracuda Submarine, OPV for several countries, etc..